MNWT Individual Evaluation
The Mid-Year and Year-End Individual Evaluations are MNWT tools provided to members in leadership positions to help increase their ability to perform in such positions. The focus of this evaluation is on both the actions and accomplishments within your position as well the results you achieved. Please be sure to reference the Individual Entry Guidelines when completing this form.

MID-YEAR ENTRY: Completing the mid-year allows you an opportunity to prioritize your year and make adjustments as needed. You will receive a review of your goals/performance and be offered encouragement and tips specific to your needs including suggestions for any changes you might want to make for your year-end entry. Remember, this feedback is to help you improve your entry and suggest ideas/implementation that you might not have thought about.

YEAR-END ENTRY: Completing the year-end allows you the opportunity to honestly review your year, share your accomplishments, and support your successor. By giving a copy of your year-end to your successor you will be helping them get a better understanding of their new position. Although all year-ends will be considered for an individual award, not all entries may receive one. The year-end entries will be evaluated by a group of reviewers and the state president. Gold, Silver and Bronze keys will be awarded at Annual Convention.

(to be included in your Year-end Evaluation only)
1. A maximum of (5) pages is allowed. Examples: Chapter membership brochure, newspaper articles, pictures, etc.
2. Articles from newspapers, magazines etc. must show the name of the publication and the date published.
3. Photos must be labeled, with a brief description.
Your Personal Plan of Action (Goals and Implementation) is NOT part of your substantiating material.

Responses to the online form will be will be received and organized by the state programming vice president. Fill in as much information as you know. Upon completion of the form, click Submit; you will receive a confirmation screen if your form has been successfully submitted. (rev 2020)
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  • Enter your chapter name especially if you are completing this form as a State Delegate or Local President.