Confirmation Registration
The dates below correspond to the different deadlines that must be reached during the year a candidate is to be Confirmed.

Confirmation Registration Deadline - August 5th

Letter of Intent Deadline - August 15th

All paperwork due - 6 weeks prior confirmation date

Confirmation Prep Requirements:

** 6 Volunteer Opportunities - Complete a service activity, which takes place on the grounds of All Saints Catholic Church and fill out a Confirmation Service Activity Form.

** Saint Project: Select a Confirmation Saint and complete the Saint Project.

** Confirmation Sponsor: Select a sponsor who will ultimately play a very important role in a candidate's Confirmation journey.

** Retreat: Attend the Fall Confirmation retreat. If teens are unable to attend in the fall, they can go on the Spring retreat, Summer camp or Steubenville Atlanta. Teen must attend a retreat with All Saints Youth Group. School retreats, while we recommend them, DO NOT fulfill our requirements.

** Letter of Intent: Candidate must write a Letter of Intent to either the pastor or a member of the youth ministry team. Due August 15th of the year Candidates are to be confirmed.

** Rehearsal: Will be held on the Sunday prior to the Confirmation mass, at 6:15 pm. This rehearsal is mandatory for candidates and Sponsors. If the Sponsor is unable to attend the rehearsal, a stand-in is mandatory.

** Mass: The date of the Mass is to be determined. The Archdiocese assigns dates for Spring Confirmation Masses in June prior to the ceremony. Our goal is to have the mass in February.

Non-Catholic School Teens:

Everything in the section above PLUS:

** Attend Life Teen Program: Attend 75% of Life Nights throughout the 9th and 10th-grade year. If a teen is getting confirmed after the 10th-grade year, please speak to us.

** Battle Plan: A Confirmation Crash Course - During the summer leading into 10th grade, non-Catholic School students are required to enroll in Battle Plan.

** (Email Jesse Butrum, or Jessica at for more information.)

REF ID: CON_REG_04262013.14

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  • * If not registered at All Saints Youth Director will need a letter for the from your Pastor saying it's ok for your teen to get confirmed at All Saints.
  • *** Parents/Guardian INFORMATION ***

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  • ***A copy of your child's Baptism Certificate ONLY if it wasn't at All Saints
  • ***A copy of your child's 1st Holy Communion Certificate ONLY if it wasn't at All Saints.
    REF ID#: YP-MEDIA-04302013.14

    I hereby grant permission for my youth to be photographed and/or interviewed for the The Georgia, The Atlanta Journal Constitution, or other print, radio, television or electronic media. I understand photographs or quotations may be reprinted in the Georgia Bulletin or other media, including but not limited to television, radio, newspapers, and the internet, for public dissemination. I release and relieve All Saints Catholic Church and XLT Atlanta and the Archdiocese of Atlanta from any responsibility or liability for any claims arising from publication or reproduction of any photographs or interviewers in any news or other media.

    I waive any and all rights to inspect or approve the finished photographs or printed matter that may be used in conjunction with any photograph, or to approve the eventual use for which it may be applied.

    I also understand that the photography or interview is being done with the knowledge and approval of All Saints Catholic Church and XLT Atlanta, but that a signed release form is on file for every individual who is photographed or interviewed by the media.

    The Life Teen Program on Aug 18th, 2019 - Apr. 26th, 2020, with the All Saints Youth Group.
  • *** Once you click "Submit" the Acknowledge of Agreement form. The Online Registration is completed once the Acknowledgement of Agreement Form are turned in. ***