PDX Teen Board Application 2020-2021
We are looking for motivated high school students and leaders to join our Portland Teen Board of Directors program for Beyond Differences!

Please fill out the application below by Friday, June 26, 2020.
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  • Emergency Contact

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  • Opportunities
    - Attend free Fall Overnight Retreat October 3rd & 4th, 2020 (this is REQUIRED)!
    - Training in public speaking, inclusivity tactics, team building, and leadership skills
    - Lead assemblies, events and teaching opportunities at middle schools throughout Portland
    - Possibly travel to leadership events nationwide
    - Be part of a national organization working to end social isolation!
  • Commitments
    Serving on the Teen Board of Directors requires an enormous commitment. Our members have been identified as change makers in their communities - young people who are ready to take on the task of ending social isolation in middle schools.

    Teen Board members are REQUIRED to participate in the following:

    * Promptly respond to emails and texts from Beyond Differences Staff
    * Attend all monthly Teen Board meetings - typically held on the first Sunday of the month (2 excused absences maximum)
    * Attend the October 3rd & 4th Retreat and Mid-Year Retreat (January, date TBD)
    * Attempt to raise $500 for Beyond Differences with fundraising training provided
    * Volunteer at the Fall Fundraising event TBD
    * Facilitate Middle School Leadership * Meetings and/or assemblies 2-3 times per school year
    * Aid in the development and implementation of Beyond Differences
    Positive Prevention Initiatives
    * Know Your Classmates
    * No One Eats Alone
    * Be Kind Online
  • By signing below, you agree to the above list of requirements and responsibilities.
  • Answer the essay questions below.