2021 NBC Course Approval Request Form
Please complete and submit this form at least 30 business days before the program date.

This information will be used for those who search for available courses on the NBC and Foundation for Dental Laboratory Technology’s websites.
  • I. General Information

    Please provide speaker/course provider information.
  • NOTE: if group or panel course, will be documented under first name listed
  • (please attach bio.CV for first time approval)
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  • II. Course Information

    If the program will be presented by the same speaker multiple times in a given year, multi-date approval will be granted.
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  • (hour per hour basis)
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    (only enter date for single-date course)
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    Please provide a link to your online course, if applicable/available
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    Requests for Scientific and Regulatory Standards courses will be approved according to content*, and when the speaker has a CDT, DDS, or other equivalent international accreditation. Other courses will be approved for professional development credit.

    *Content for Regulatory Standards courses: Infection Control, OSHA, HIPAA, FDA Regulations, Bloodborne Pathogen Standards, Emergency Actions plans, etc.
    *Content for Scientific courses: anything pertaining to the dental technology field
    *Content for Professional Development courses: Marketing, Business skills, Communication skills, etc.

  • (required to be searchable online)
  • Please note that webinars that will be presented live and then made available on demand will be approved as Multi-Date courses.
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