Galla Rock's Men's Measurement Sheet
Please fill in your measurements, as directed, and submit. We will keep them on file awaiting your confirmed order, for a period of up to 6 months. At that time, new measurements must be submitted. If you come up with a fractional measurement, round up to the nearest whole number.

Take a string and tie around the waist at naval level. This is your reference point for measurements.


  • - -
  • Measure around the base of the neck with two fingers between the tape and you.
  • Measure the full circumference of the chest at nipple level, over the garments you will be wearing.
  • Measure fully around the waist at naval level where you have the string? Over your shirt and under drawers.
  • At approximately 6 inches below the waist, measure around the hips.
  • Measuring from the base of the neck, measure down to the waist/string.
  • From the waist/string, measure down to the top of the knee cap. Frock were most times 4 inches finished above this point.
  • From the base of the neck, at the side of the neck, measure out to the shoulder joint.
  • With arm hanging straight, measure from the shoulder joint down to the wrist bone.
  • Measure around the wrist.
  • A.k.a. The arm hole, with the tape measure starting at the shoulder joint, measure around the arm loosely.
  • From shoulder joint to shoulder joint across the back.
  • From the base of the neck to the string/waist at back.
  • From the string at the back waist to the bend of the knee.
  • From the string in front measure through the legs and up to the string in back.
  • Trouser inseam/length of the inside of leg.
  • Any additional information to assist us.