All Mutts Great and Small Adoption Application
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  • Note: We ask about childrens' ages because some dogs are very good with all ages of kids and other dogs, while very kid-friendly, may have too much energy combined with lack of training to be safe around young kids. Other dogs are simply nervous around children, increasing bite risk. We are happy to discuss this on an individual basis.
  • Please note* Housebroken dogs, by our definition, are those that, with regular and frequent outdoor opportunities and diligent observance on the part of their human, prefer to potty outside BUT are NOT to the point in their training, where they are asking to be let outside via physical or vocal communication nor should they be trusted to hold it for long periods of time, while their owners are away..
  • Note:  We require any existing dogs in the home be present for the adoption "Meet and Greet" before we approve the adoption. This is to ensure the safety of all and give the adopted dog the greatest chance of acceptance into his/her new environment.  If your dog is too old or incapable of travel we may make an exception to the requirement if acceptance and social ability can be demonstrated through video or vet reference.
  • Note: We test incoming rescue dogs with the cat(s) living in our foster homes who are accustomed to being exposed to new dogs on a regular basis. They are secure and do not run from introductions. If we have indicated a dog is good with cats we are going by their reaction to the cats in their foster home. A cat that runs can elicit a much different response and could create a situation where injury to one or both might occur. We make NO GUARANTEES our dogs, even those listed as cat friendly, will accept the cat or cats in your home.
  • Note: If you are new to an area and have not established a veterinarian, list the one in your previous location. We are attempting to establish responsible ownership:
  • Note: Refusal to allow us to check a vet reference will result in a halt in processing your application.