Cancel or Amend Trip
All correspondence regarding regarding canceling or changing a reservation will be sent via email. To proceed with a change or cancellation, please fill our the following form.
  • Please advise what type of change you are wanting to make on your booking.
  • Miller Travel Company can't advise of trip protection coverage amounts. All questions pertaining to coverage details need to be directed to your travel protection provider. Please make certain you understand your coverage and what penalties you may be facing before you send in this cancellation form.

    *The non-refundable booking fee will be retained by Miller Travel Company.
  • Please provide any specific details related to your cancelation? *For COVID cancelations please advise if you are taking the future credit or using your travel protection to cancel? Waivers are only being offered during a certain time period, so check with your advisor before cancelling your booking to make sure you don't fall within the waiver period.
  • We understand that if we are asking to cancel our booking and do not have a trip protection plan, we may be held liable for the full balance of our reservation. We also understand that if we do have a trip protection plan, we will need to file the appropriate paperwork with the travel protection company for resolution of these penalties, if applicable.

    Every adult traveler must complete this form before changes or cancellations will be processed. *Adult signatures indicate compliance in regard to the minor travelers listed on the reservation.

    Any payments that are to be refunded (post penalties) will be refunded ONLY to the payment method that was originally used.

    Your signature is accepting that Miller Travel Company can't be held liable for any decisions made by the company that you purchased your travel protection plan with.