Rotary International D3360 Thailand

1. Did you make friends in school? If, yes, are you allowed to see your friend(s) after school whenever you want or with restrictions only?
2. How frequently do you go to the Rotary meeting?
3. Who is your current host family?
4. Tell us in detail how do you spend your time at home (for example reading alone, watching my own TV, watching the TV or DVD with the family)?
5. What kind of restrictions do you have in the host family that you were not aware before you arrived in the host country?
6. What is it that you like most at your current host family?
7. What is it that you don't like at your current host family?
8. Do you get help from your host parents or from the Rotary club members with your homework or with your studies when you need it?
9. Did you want to do or learn something and you were not permitted to do so? Please describe.
10. Were you ever threatened with any consequences (reduced allowance or sending you home, etc.) if you do or not do something? Please explain.
11. What kind of cultural events were you taken to (shopping is not a cultural event!) and by whom?
12. What kind of Rotary volunteer work did you participate in?
13. Is there anything that bothers you and you could not discuss it with anyone? Please feel free to share it with us. We might be able to help.
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