Trial Match Application - Junior & Women Teams
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Details of Trial
Club email addresses
  • This form is only to be used when both teams are from Clubs in FSC competitions.

    An Executive Member of the Club hosting the trial is to complete this application. An email will automatically be sent to the Away Club who will be asked to confirm or reject the application.

    Upon confirmation of this application by both clubs, the trial match will be deemed approved and can proceed unless FSC advises otherwise.

    Trial matches must be played on approved grounds suitable for football. For Wollongong City Council grounds, these must be booked through FSC.

    Grounds must be inspected and goal post safety check by the host club prior to usage.

    Only players registered through Playfootball to the respective clubs will be covered for sporting injuries.

    It is the responsibility of the Home club to organise Match Officials. Payment of Match Official fees are to be made on the day of the match if a FSC referee member is used.

    All teams must fill out a team sheet before the start of any trial game, the team sheet to be forwarded to FSC by the Home team. Cautions and send offs must be recorded on the team sheet.

    Players under suspension shall not be permitted to play until the terms of their suspension are completed unless exemption is granted under the FSC Disciplinary & Disputes Regulations.
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