Full Application
2016 Pellet Stove Design Challenge

Thank you for your interest in the Pellet Stove Design Challenge! Applications are due by midnight EST, Wednesday January 26, 2016. Finalists will be announced in the beginning of February, 2016.

Information provided in Section A will be made public. Information provided in Sections B, C and D will not be made public and is for Project Advisory Committee to review your application in their process to select finalists.
  • A. Contact & General Information

  • - -
  • B. Stove Technology

  • Please provide a link to the stove if it is on the market.
  • Please provide both a picture of the current stage in the building process as well as a model or drawing of the finished product.
  • C. Testing Information

  • D. Diagrams and Photos

    Please upload 3 – 4 drawing and photos. (Examples of photos that have been helpful in the past: front of the stove, back of the stove, side view of the stove, hopper, control system/buttons, any temperature regulating devices.)