Adoption Application
Please complete this form to be considered as a potential adoptive home for an Oregon Weimaraner Rescue dog.

From time to time we add *Courtesy Post* links on our website or Facebook, in those instances please be sure to contact the appropriate party as we do not represent those dogs.

WE DO NOT adopt dogs on a first come, first served basis. We make it our mission to find the best overall home for each dog in our care. Sometimes this means good homes will lose out on a dog to a great home. Not every dog we represent has the same set of needs, meaning the ideal applicant for one dog may be the least ideal for another.

Thank you!
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  • If you name specific dog(s) you are interested in, you do not need to email us separately for those dog(s) :)
  • ***INCLUDE: species, gender, age, breed and spay/neuter status of all dogs
  • Name Age Occupation Work Hours
    Person 1
    Person 2
    Person 3
    Person 4
    Person 5
    Person 6
    Person 7
    Person 8
  • ***Not referring to bark collars or invisible fences
  • ***Clearly note if your fence is an invisible fence.
    (This information will be verified before any placement takes place)
  • Routine veterinary care?
    Emergency veterinary care up to $800?
    Monthly preventative medication(s)?
    Quality dog food?
  • ***i.e. distance running partner, upland hunting, shed hunting, agility trials, search and rescue, nose work etc
  • -Rental agreement allowing large breed dog
    -Photo upload