MnCMN Board Nomination Form for 2024-2025
  • Instructions

    Please complete this form to nominate a member (or yourself) for the MnCMN 2024-2025 Board of Directors. The Board term runs June 1 to May 31.
  • Contact Information

    Please provide the contact information of the person completing this form.
  • Nominee Information

    Please provide contact information for the person or organization interested in serving on the MnCMN Board of Directors.
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  • If the email address is the same as the person submitting this form, you can leave this blank.
  • Board Position Nomination

    If you would like to nominate this candidate for a specific position on the board, please indicate so here.
  • Thank you!

    Click "send email" and your confidential recommendation will be sent to a private email for collation by the MnCMN staff.

    The Board of Directors will propose a slate for the membership to vote upon, which will open in March.

    The election results will be announced in April.