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    Senior Discounted Rate
    Passengers who meet certain age requirements may be eligible for special discounted rates. At least one passenger in your stateroom must be 55 yrs or older to qualify to receive the discount.

    Past Passenger Discounted Rate
    Passengers who have sailed with a particular cruise line in the past may be eligible for special rates and member benefits not available to first-time cruisers. Be sure to have your past passenger identification number ready--this number will be used to verify your status with the cruise line. If you do not know your identification number, please call an Alaska Cruise Advisor for assistance at 800.365.1445.

    Resident Discounted Rate
    Passengers who are residents of certain areas may be eligible for special rates from the cruise lines. Be sure to supply us with your home city, so we can check to see if any discounts are available to you.

    Military Discounted Rate
    Active or retired military may qualify for up to $250 shipboard credit and may be eligible for special rates from the cruise lines. Be sure to let us know your Military status so we can check to see if any discounts are available to you.
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