Firearms Instructor #2222

Date/Time:May 22nd-26th 8am-5pm

Municipal Association Building
300 Ranki Dewalt Road
Texas City, TX 77590

TCOLE credit: 40 hours

Cost: $100.00
Cash, Check or Money Order Only. Credit cards are NOT accepted at this time.
Make checks payable to City of Texas City.

Limited spots; pre-registration required.

Instructors TCPD Firearms Instructors

Required Ammo:
Pistol: 400 rounds total
Rifle: 250 rounds total
Shotgun: 20 buckshot/20 slugs/50 birdshot rounds (shot size doesn’t matter)

The student will be required to shoot three courses of fire (rifle / pistol / shotgun) on the first day with a minimum of 90% (ONLY 2 attempts). If the student is unable to achieve 90% then they will not be allowed to participate in the course any further. Information on different weapons will be covered in depth during the classroom portion of this course. A comprehensive examination will be given, it will be supplemented by a skills proficiency demonstration.

The student will also be required to conduct live fire range exercises evaluated on a pass/fail basis. Each student must be a licensed peace officer through TCOLE and must be covered by their respective departments insurance or Worker’s Compensation Plan. While attending any live-fire weapons training it is recommended to wear personal body armor. For clear recognition of the firearms instructor, he/she will be wearing a red shirt therefore it is requested students not wear red shirts.

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