Rosetta Stone in the Cloud
Welcome to the first step in the sign-up process for Rosetta Stone. Once the Library registers you, look for an email confirmation. First we need to obtain basic information from you and we will provide you with your user login. You will be guaranteed a minimum of one month to use the program, and possibly longer depending on demand.

The program has three components: RS Course, RS Studio and RS World, complete with live speakers, games and activities that move through a series of Core lessons with practice modules as part of the course content – that even lets you track progress.
  • By checking yes you agree to the terms of use for the Rosetta Stone Head Set, which must be renewed after four weeks for continued use and must be replaced if lost or damaged.
  • By submitting this form you understand that Baystate Health provides trained medical interpreters to support communicating with patients who have limited fluency in English and that use of language educational resources is for enrichment and relationship-building purpose.