COPHA 2023 Event Registration
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  • Section I: Registration Form

  • Capitalize the First Letter Only of Each Name (i.e. Kim Wang).
  • Section II: Email Policy and Contact Details

  • The email address your university issued to you for your own use.

  • Capitalize the first letter only of each word (i.e. Center University)
  • Section III: Registration Information

  • Only for oral, poster and virtual registrants.
  • Section IV: Presenter Biography

    Please provide a 100 word biography about yourself (i.e. your position, research interest, associations, etc). Do not include personal information (family, hobbies, etc.)

  • Section V: Important Reminders and Policies

  • INTESDA は、合理的な制御を超えた理由による COPHA 2023 の代替、変更、延期、または中止の結果として生じる損失または損害について責任を負いません。
  • Section VI: Warning

  • 疑わしい登録申請は、予告なく削除されます。
  • Section VII: Questions?