MPI MN - EMPI Nomination Form
  • Nominations will be accepted November 20, 2019 through April 17, 2020 until 11:59 pm.
  • To be eligible for consideration, nominations must be submitted no later than April 17, 2020.


    Note: Self-nominations are required to be validated by one (1) letter of recommendation by an individual or organization (the author does not need to be a MPI member). The letter should address the nominee’s influence, innovation and impact.

    Specifically describe the success of the program to the nominee, company, and the audience.

    • Describe the nominee’s overall contributions and commitment to the advancement of the meeting and events industry.
    • Describe whether the goals and objectives of the meeting/event were met and how the meeting/event benefits the program.
    • How did the person, meeting or event advance the company or organizations’ business plan or create change?

    • Describe any projects and programs that the nominee worked on to further enhance the industry.
    • What are the outstanding characteristics of this planner?
    • What new and innovative technologies or meeting practices were incorporated into the

    • Describe the nominee’s impact beyond the meetings he/she plans.
    • List how the nominee or meeting/event has impacted the company or organization.

    • Nominee must be a member in good standing.
    • Nominee may not be a member of the judging panel.
    • Meeting or event must have taken place within the last twelve months

    Please complete a separate nomination form for each nomination. EMPI winners will be announced at the Year-End Celebration.

    Contact the EMPI co-chairs ( with any questions.

    Helpful tips:

    Check the lists of eligible nominees before you begin to verify that your nominee meets the minimum eligibility criteria (membership status, type, and longevity) for the award.

    Composing your nomination information in a Word document will allow you to easily copy/paste the information into the online nomination form.
  • Award Information

    Please select the award for which you are making a nomination. Award descriptions and eligibility criteria are available on the EMPI Awards page.
  • Nominee Information

  • Tell Us About Your Nominee

  • Nomination Information

    Provide a brief summary of the nominee’s contributions throughout this past year as they pertain to the award criteria of Influence, Innovation, and Impact as described above.
  • Nominator's Information

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