Pat Marotta
Pat Marotta, MBA, CPA, is an accomplished and seasoned CEO who has demonstrated his commitment to civic responsibility by volunteerism, non-profit assistance, public speaking, and his faith.
Pat, a native of upstate New York, has traveled extensively around the United States as part of his professional consulting career. As a child, he frequently spent summers in Naples, Italy, with his family. Pat and his wife, Lisa, recently celebrated 25 years of marriage. He and Lisa are the proud parents of two beautiful girls, Mikayla and Vanessa.
Pat engages the leadership team as Vice President of Client Experience Strategy for American National Insurance / Financial Services to deliver greater value to clients, resulting in both top- and bottom-line development for the organization. As an MBA and seasoned businessperson, he puts into reality his belief that genuinely successful firms prioritize their dedication to their customers and the value they provide. He is a strong believer in the company's ideals of financial stability, integrity, respect, service, and collaboration.
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