MDT PREPeration Test - Data Management Capability
You are at this step in the process because you have:

1. emailed us to request to take the Multi Dimensional Thinkers test;
2. completed your personal details and paid your Admin Fee;
3. received the email explaining the test, as well as receiving the terms and definitions used in the test;
4. completed the Registration Form to take the test;
5. paid the Registration Fee to write the test;

THIS STEP: (PREPare for the Test)
6. confirm your understanding of the Terms and Definitions in Preparation for the Test by completing this form;
7. when you can answer 'Yes' to the following questions, you are prepared to take this test.
8. you feel prepared to take this test – Being prepared for the test means that:-

8.a. you understand that no answer given in the Test will be right or wrong, just be yourself;
8.b. you understand that you may well have a capability that others don't and no one has yet recognised this in you before. Give yourself the benefit of any doubt and simply do your best;
8.c. you understand that the test is designed to not be able to be completed within 3 hours, so do not stress about time. Accuracy in thinking is more important than speed;
8.d. if you cannot type relatively quickly, then remember to ask someone you trust to type on your behalf. (There is a section in the test where they will have to give their details too. They will have to sit in together with you during the test - This option is only available via Skype);
8.e. you will make sure you have the A3 Multi Dimensional Thinkers Test Picture in front of you for both the Test Preparation and the Test itself;
8.f. you will have answered the understanding questions in the definition section in this Test Preparation Form - You should have the pages of definitions already sent to you in step 3, and answered the definition questions in step 7;
8.g. you will have spent 1 uninterrupted hour to complete the Test Preparation form (you can take longer with this Test Preparation if you like, but do not leave your computer without interaction for more than ten minutes as your session may time out and you will have to start again.);

9. send us an email requesting to take the Test;

10. you are contacted to make a booking;
11. you book your test date time and venue;
12. you arrive at the test venue (physical) or sign into and connect to “MDTClassroom”;
13. you take and the test;
14. You complete the test;
15. You pay the Test Processing Fee of R350 to have the test processed further;
16. you notify us via email that you have made payment.

(If no payment is received, we will save your test, but will not process it any further, and you will not receive any results or certification)

If the payment is received, and cleared in our bank account, we continue
17. we will evaluate your test results;
18. we will assess your responses and develop your Data Management Profile;
19. we will determine whether you have the aptitude for data management;
20. we will email you your profile certificate and a detailed report and recommendations;

Please refer to the process defined at for more insight on what actions

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  • Test PREParation Instructions

    Understand the following about the A3 Data Atom picture

    Before the test you will be asked if you are ready for the test This step helps you to understand the test and what you will be asked to do.

    1. Consider the things you love doing and choose one. You need to have some experience doing this thing that you are passionate

    2. Read the Definitions pages (sent to you prior to Registration), and refer back to it if you think you have forgotten what this examination means by that word.

    3. Very briefly describe what you are passionate about in the open space provided at the top of this page. This is what you will be providing your answers about during the test, so constantly keep this passion in mind, and refer back to it if you forget, but do not change it halfway through, as this will cause your results to be unsatisfactory.

    4. Take note of the following.

    - the Yellow dot represents what you are passionate about.

    - It is located on the time line as at this moment. (Today's date)

    - The time line separates your passion into future and past.

    - At the top are some key words to understand what the letters in black squares mean. You will need to remember these codes and names and definitions (which were sent to you prior to Registration) when answering.

    - The "IV_?" letters to the right will be used by you to answer each of the questions relating to your Passion. (Refer to the Definitions to know what each word means in our vocabulary.)

    - The areas marked in ovals numbered 2 through 17 are different dimensions that relate to your passion. (It is not possible to answer each dimension, so you need to choose what is important to you, and answer in order of importance to you.

    - Do not return to change an answer, you will confuse yourself.

    - Constantly keep all that you are writing in mind and keep it as one discussion relating to the various dimensions of your passion.

    - The Lifecycle (below left) refers to the lifecycle of your passion, where you are now some time inbetween when you started this passion, and when it will eventually die (this may be when you leave planet earth behind, or you may want it to continue beyond your last moments here.) ... You get to decide.

    - Fill in the 7 (seven) open spaces with words that describe these phases of your passion. Use your own words.

    - All answers must be in English, excepting where they refer to specific words that cannot be translated into English as they directly refer to terms related to your passion.
  • DEFINITION = "The 'Information Value Chain' also known as the 'IVC' is a Chain of actions, each of which adds knowledge obtained about someone or something (facts or details about a subject), that allows the users of each segment of the chain to contribute to an overall better value for all."
  • DEFINITION = "a 'Segment' is part of a whole, having a beginning and an end that can be physically or logically divided"
  • DEFINITION = " 'Blue Sky' means visionary thinking not grounded in the realities of the present"
  • DEFINITION = " 'Research' means a careful study that is done to find and report new knowledge about something"
  • DEFINITION = " 'Strategy' is a careful plan or method for achieving a particular goal usually over a long period of time and the skill of making or carrying out plans to achieve a goal"
  • DEFINITION = " 'Forecasting' is to say that (something) will happen in the future : to predict (something, such as weather) after looking at the information that is available"
  • DEFINITION = " 'Tactical' means something relates to, or is used for a specific plan that is created to achieve a particular goal"
  • DEFINITION = " 'Information' is knowledge that you get about someone or something : facts or details about a subject"
  • DEFINITION = "a 'Process' is a series of actions that produce something or that lead to a particular result" (In this model 'Process' Refers to long End-to-End Processes, Like all the procedures together from a client ordering something until you get the cash from the customer you for it.)
  • DEFINITION = " 'Fulfilment' is the act or process of causing to succeed in achieving (something) : to make (something, such as a dream) true or real"
  • DEFINITION = " ' Procedure' is a series of actions that are done in a certain way or order : an established or accepted way of doing something" (Processes are made up of many Procedures)
  • DEFINITION = " 'Alignment' is an arrangement of groups or forces in relation to one another" (Language Definitions make up human or computer communication. when all understand each other precisely, then there is alignment)
  • DEFINITION = "a 'Resource' is a place or thing that provides something useful"
  • DEFINITION = " 'Operation' is the performance of a practical work or of something involving the practical application of principles or processes"
  • DEFINITION = " 'Apps & Systems' are a group of related parts that move or work together" (These need not be computer related, Books, Files, Relationships are all systems for which we can find a use (or an Application))
  • DEFINITION = " 'Development' is the act or process of growing or causing something to grow or become larger or more advanced"
  • DEFINITION = "a 'Portfolio' is a set of drawings, paintings, or photographs that are presented together in a folder"
  • DEFINITION = " 'Integration' is the act or process or an instance to combine (two or more things) to form or create something or to make (something) a part of another larger thing"
  • DEFINITION = " 'Evaluation' is the diagnostic study of the proof of concept and how it has/is/will impact an environment" (Research must also be conducted to widen the scope beyond just the Evaluation, " 'Research' means a careful study that is done to find and report new knowledge about something")
  • DEFINITION = " a 'Proof of Concept' is the process of showing the existence, truth, or correctness of (something) by using evidence, logic, etc. of an abstract or generic idea generalized from particular instances"
  • DEFINITION = " 'Your Passion' is anything you do or have which gives you a strong feeling of enthusiasm or excitement that can be an intense, driving, or overmastering feeling or conviction" (Gaming, Dancing, Sport, Helping others, Gardening, Work, Family, etc...)
  • DEFINITION = " a 'Life Cycle of your passion' is the series of changes that (what you are passionate about) undergoes as it grows from your first thought of it through to when you can no longer be passionate about it."
  • DEFINITION = " 'Life Cycle Stage - 3' is the final and ultimate completion of your passion, i.e. after this there is no more that you can achieve (i.e. you can't carry on with your passion) You use understanding your Vision, Innovation, Opportunity and Risk to decide this."
  • DEFINITION = " 'Life Cycle Stage - 2' is the stage is currently far out of reach, but stands between your short Term Plan and the final stage of your passion. This stage can last a very long time, but it requires significant thought, consideration, and strategic decision making to develop and maintain it now, so that when you get to this point, you have everything Prepared, Predicted as best as possible and you are well Positioned to succeed."
  • DEFINITION = " 'Life Cycle Stage - 1' is the stage describes the stage of the development of your passion in a more tangible way. It requires medium term planning, for which you need to gain insights on what is happening now, and obtaining an understanding of Patterns and trends that are affecting your ability to achieve your passion."
  • DEFINITION = " 'Life Cycle Stage 0' is your True Current Reality that you experience about your passion. It includes what you are about to do (very short term plan), what you are doing, and some way of managing what you have just done, so that the trail behind you remains useful."
  • DEFINITION = " 'Life Cycle Stage 1' is the stage you have just completed, but which has taught you lessons, which you use to better position yourself for your current reality. For this to remain Relevant and Useful both now and later, you need to maintain the understanding of this past, but using the words that are currently in use."
  • DEFINITION = " 'Life Cycle Stage 2' is the stage quite far back, where you seldom reference what was done during your passion development, but, if you have kept a journal, or some records of your passion, you can access it to understand what happened. Obviously, you still need to Store Up the information or old things related to your passion to be able to Reference it."
  • DEFINITION = " 'Life Cycle Stage 3' is the stage at which you had stored up is now too old for use, or is more useful if Recycled. Really important things can be archived, however even these eventually are a Waste to keep and need to be gotten rid of to make space for what is currently being stored up. "
  • DEFINITION = " 'Dimension' is a view of something which has one or more unique aspects that have one or more different Governance Criteria to other dimensions (e.g. physically 2D is flat and can be folded, while 3D has height and depth, and cannot easily be folded.)"
  • DEFINITION = " 'Governance' is the act of ensuring the best care of something according to specific criteria."
  • DEFINITION = " 'Design and Architecture' is the preparation of the preliminary sketch, diagrams, models or plans that define the structure with views that explain the different stakeholders interests."
  • DEFINITION = " 'Security' is something that secures or makes safe; protection; defence which includes precautions taken to guard against crime, attack, sabotage, espionage, etc."
  • DEFINITION = " 'Quality' is ensuring that the character or nature, as belonging to or distinguishing a thing with respect to fineness, or grade of excellence is fit for purpose."
  • DEFINITION = " 'Common Language' is a single agreed common language."
  • DEFINITION = " 'Common Understanding' is where all the parties and systems treat each part of a whole identically, as they comprehend how the whole is made up of the parts and the consequences of actions are understood by all."
  • DEFINITION = " 'Removing Ambiguity and Confusion' is ensuring that each understands the same meaning, and none have a different view or interpretation, such that they do not act inappropriately. ('Ambiguity' = 'one word with more than one meaning') ('Confusion' = 'more than one word that has the same one meaning')"
  • DEFINITION = " 'Understanding Development' is growing the understanding of a person or group of people, such that they can agree on the same thing being the same thing."
  • DEFINITION = " 'Concept Development' is defining and growing concepts, until the whole can be explained using the sum of all the concepts developed."
  • DEFINITION = " 'Operations and Delivery' is the periodic use of what you have, to Add Value to what you receive, to deliver a product or service to oneself or to another."
  • DEFINITION = " 'Reference Information' is the Standard Lists of Values (Taxonomies) to make choices from that describes all the aspects that define the context."
  • DEFINITION = " 'Contextual Information' is information about the Information, which describes the context in time, space, purpose, meaning, etc. to guide appropriate use of the information. "
  • DEFINITION = " 'Seldom Changing Information' is information which is key to understanding an aspect of something, but which also seldom changes, giving humans the ability to manage it."
  • DEFINITION = " 'Specifically Useful Information' is Specific Information for which there is a real need. What is needed is clearly defined."
  • DEFINITION = " 'Design and Storage of Useful Information and Trends for quick retrieval' means a place and way of storing 'Specifically Useful Information' (see above), so that insights can be gleaned based on Trends of information over time, quickly and easily."
  • DEFINITION = " 'Librarianship of all information' is the practice of ensuring Information is catalogued and categorised and is fit-for-purpose, ensuring that every human or system receives the correct information at the best time, and that irrelevant information is properly disposed of."
  • When you are prepared then submit this form. you will then be able to book for th The Test will then be sent to you.

    Are you prepared? (see below) If not, review and understand your definitions and then complete and submit this form.

    Have you:
    - read the instructions above
    - read the definitions again (sent prior to registration)
    - set aside at least 1 hour dedicated time to do this Test Preparation.
    - taken care of physical needs so as not to be disturbed while writing
    - switched off your Cell Phone
    - placed the Multidimensional Thinking picture in front of you to refer to. The picture has the two triangles ("Control" and "Delivery") overlapping in its center, with lines radiating away from it creating dimensions to be considered.
    - studied the Multidimensional Thinking picture to see what words are where, and what codes (Black with white text) refer to what dimensions of the model.