Name Our Daughter Raffle!
We are officially raffling off our daughter's middle name. ANYONE can enter the raffle, which will allow them to fill in this blank: Ily ____________ Myers.


– Raffle tickets are $25 a piece (no limit on the number of tickets you can purchase);

– One winner will be selected on July 1, 2013;

– All proceeds will be donated to the Fort Worth Pregnancy Center;

– TK and I have first right of refusal on any name – this is simply to ensure that no one names our daughter Ily Hotdog Myers. If we use our right of refusal, the raffle winner will get the opportunity to submit another name;

– We want there to be a story behind the name – it doesn’t have to be an elaborate yarn, but we’d love the name to have meaning behind it;

– The middle name cannot start with the letter “B” – we’re trying to avoid ridicule with the initials “IBM.”

– Allow us to share that story on my blog.

(For a complete explanation, click here to read entire blog post.)

  • We will NOT send you unsolicited e-mails
    unassociated with this raffle.
  • You can enter as many times as you want.
  • $
    Number of raffle tickets x $25

    (You can also make a one-time donation
    to FW Pregnancy Center on our daughter's behalf.)
  • NOTE: You do NOT have to have our daughter's middle name already chosen to enter the raffle. We're just curious!
  • Our Not-So-Legal Disclaimer:

    By initialing the form below, you understand that this raffle is an independent fund-raising initiative by Drew and Tanya Myers. All proceeds will be donated to Fort Worth Pregnancy Center, but the organization is not involved in this campaign in ANY capacity.

    If you are chosen in a random drawing on July 1, 2013, you will be given the opportunity to give Drew and TK's daughter her middle name. YIKES!

    Thank you in advance for supporting our efforts.

    NOTE: After hitting "Submit" you will be re-directed to the Fort Worth Pregnancy Center donation page. Be sure you to make the donation in honor of Ily Myers.
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