Schools Table Grant Scheme - APPLY NOW
The Schools Table Grant Scheme is available to schools (Primary Schools & Special Schools ONLY) in England based on the following chosen criteria. Successful applicants will receive a £300.00 grant to subsidise one of the indoor or outdoor schools table packages. Schools are also encouraged to apply for additional funding (activity grant) of up to £400.00 to aid with the development of table tennis in their establishment.

Eligible Schools:
The Schools table grant scheme is currently available to Primary Schools (ages 5-11) and Special (SEN) Schools in England only. Junior/middle schools in England are also eligible if catering for at least two year groups within KS2. Fee paying schools and lower/first schools not catering for at least 2 year groups within KS2 are not eligible. Special Schools are eligible irrespective of age range.

Eligible Projects:
The grant is available to those schools ordering Table Tennis England Schools Table Packages only. (1 grant per school maximum). IPP packages are not eligible.

Assessment Criteria:
You will be informed of the success of your application no more than 10 working days after the closing date. Your application will be evaluated against the following criteria:
- Current table tennis provisions (those with little/no provision will be prioritised)
- Proof of school’s desire to deliver table tennis
- Planned programme of table tennis opportunities
- Sustainability of table tennis at your school

*Please fully complete this form before submission. Note - you will have the choice to continue or not continue with your order after a grant decision has been made.*
  • Your Application

    This is a competitive process and your application will be evaluated against the assessment criteria.
  • How would you use the table grant?

    This is a competitive process and your application will be evaluated against the assessment criteria.
  • Your Package Order

    Grants are available only to subsidise a Table Tennis England schools package. Please complete your order below. (Please note, you will have the choice whether to proceed with order or not after a grant decision has been made)
  • Additional Funding

    A small pot of additional funding (activity grant) is available to help develop a table tennis club at your school and link with a local club. This is on top of an equipment grant and is strictly for development use, not to further subsidise your table.

    Possible uses are as follows:
    - Coaching Fees
    - Marketing Campaign
    - Disability Awareness Training (Table Tennis specific - £120.00)
    - Hosting Competitions / Events
    - Competition Equipment (Surrounds / Scoreboards)
    - Travel to Competitions
    - Teacher Training (
  • Submit your application

    By completing this application form you are confirming that you have the relevant authorisation to accept a Table Tennis England Grant and for introducing Table Tennis into your school. You are also confirming you have fully read, understood, and agree to fully adhere to the terms & conditions (available here - of the grant. You will be contacted by Table Tennis England to provide basic information on the impact of introducing Table Tennis in your school for reporting purposes. The offer is subject to Terms and Conditions and availability of the equipment and resources. Table Tennis England reserve the right to refuse orders. For more information on this grant, please see the Schools Offer FAQ sheet.