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With Drunk Driving and DUI information regarding the laws for what happens after a Driving Under the Influence charge, many drivers are left feeling confused.

How to beat a DUI

Due to new DUI and DWI laws, refusing to take a breath or blood test for purpose of alcohol screening will now lead to a charge that is the same as if a driver took the test and failed.

However there are still plenty of defenses where a driver can have a valid excuse for refusing the BAC tests. Examples of reasonable excuses include: the existence of a language barrier meant that you did not understand what you were being asked to do, you may have a medical condition that would make blowing into a device dangerous or impossible or you may have suffered a panic attack that made blowing into the device impossible.

After a driver has been charged for refusing to provide a BAC sample for the purpose of driving while high on Marijuana screening, the traditional approach to this kind of offense can still apply. The officer will need to have made a valid request for a driver taking the test. For the demand to be legal, the officer must have sufficient grounds to believe that a person is driving while intoxicated. If the manner in which a police officer thinks that a driver may be guilty of DUI is flawed, the breath or blood test results are not valid and a driver cannot be convicted for refusing or failing to obey an improper BAC test demand.

FightDUICharges DUI Defense Law has been in the field of defending drivers who have been charged with Driving Under the Influence in every state. They utilize expert DUI attorneys as well as a 24 hour legal staff.. These DUI lawyer specislist provide the definitive best ways how to beat a DUI and determine how much the DUI will cost to fight in court. Getting the proper legal help early in a DUI or DWI case, always provides the best chances to win a dismissal or reduction in charges.
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