PCI Community Partner Update
Thank you for your updating your record with Pacific Charter Institute and its family of schools: Heritage Peak Charter School, Rio Valley Charter School, Valley View Charter Prep, and Sutter Peak Charter Academy. Please complete all required sections of this request form.

NOTE: Please proofread your responses/answers as they will not be automatically corrected.
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  • The Business Name listed on the public listing of the Community Partner List.
  • A copy of this submission will be sent to this e-mail address for your records.
  • Facility Maintenance/Repair Services - Services for school & office facilities to include carpentry, electrical, hvac, janitorial, painting, plumbing, etc.
    Instructional Classes/Services - Services for students to include tutoring, teaching, coaching, etc.
    Instructional Materials/Supplies - Services for students to include tangible items or subscriptions such as books, curriculum, licenses to educational materials, reading materials, workbooks, etc.
    Professional Administrative Services - Services for school administration to include consulting, development, legal, marketing, support, etc.
    Special Education Services - Services for students with IEPs
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