Student Absence Notification
Please return this form to school at least two (2) weeks before planned absence.
  • Name of parent filling out form
  • We ask that you not take your child out of school unless absolutely necessary. We are willing to help if other arrangements cannot be made, but regular attendance is vital to your child's education. All class work, tests, or quizzes assigned in advance must be turned in the day your child returns from his/her absence. Projects assigned prior to the absence which are due while the student is gone must be given to the teacher before leaving. Any additional work will be given the day of return and a due date will be assigned by the teacher.
  • We are requesting that our student(s), as named above, be excused from school from the dates entered above. We assume responsibility for all class assignments missed during the stated absence and understand that our child is responsible for returning all previously assigned work the day he/she returns to school.
  • The Frankfort Christian Academy accepts signatures or symbols on this document as though signed in handwriting. The parent/guardian understands and agrees that by including an electronic signature on this document, he or she has agreed to the terms and conditions.

    If using a mobile device, use your finger or stylus to sign. On a desktop computer, you can use your computer mouse.