Milton Children’s Quiz No.1 – Animals
Try your Individual Best, just like at school – No Parental or Internet help
  • Question One

    What food makes up nearly all (around 99%) of a Giant Panda’s diet
  • Question Two

    True or false? Mice live for up to 10 years.
  • Question Three

    What is the name of the phobia that involves an abnormal fear of spiders?
  • Question Four

    What is the largest type of ‘big cat’ in the world?
  • Question Five

    True or false? Crocodiles have no sweat glands, so they use their mouths to release heat.
  • Question Six

    True or false? Are butterflies’ insects?
  • Question Seven

    What are female elephants called?
  • Question Eight

    True or false? Bats are mammals.
  • Question Nine

    Bees are found on every continent of earth except for one, which is it
  • Question Ten

    True or false? Cats spend an average of 13 to 14 hours a day sleeping.
  • Question Eleven

    What is the fastest land animal in the world?
  • Question Twelve

    A ‘doe’ is what kind of animal?
  • Question Thirteen

    True or false? Cougars are herbivores.
  • Question Fourteen

    Groups of lions are known as what?
  • Question Fifteen

    Is a dolphin a mammal?
  • Question Sixteen

    What is the largest land animal in the world?
  • Question Seventeen

    True of false? Snakes have slimy skin.
  • Question Eighteen

    What is the only continent on earth where Giraffes live in the wild?
  • Question Ninteen

    How many pairs of wings does a bee have?
  • Question Twenty

    What type of animal is the largest primate in the world?
  • Question Twenty-one

    Is a shark a fish or a mammal?
  • Question Twenty-two

    What is the most recognizable feature of a hedgehog’s appearance?
  • Question Twenty-three

    True or false? Owls are far-sighted, meaning that anything within a few inches of their eyes can’t be seen properly.
  • Question Twenty-four

    What is the name of an adult female horse?
  • Question Twenty-five

    What are baby goats called?
  • Question Twenty-six

    What is the tallest animal in the world?
  • Question Twenty-seven

    True or false? Rabbits are born blind.
  • Question Twenty-eight

    What is the most recognizable physical feature of the male lion?
  • Question Twenty-nine

    How many legs does a spider have?
  • Question Thirty

    The crocodile species is believed to have been around for how long? 2 million, 20 million or 200 million years?