Graduate Student Parent Support Application
Eligible applicants will be considered for the ARCS Scholarship, the Kanel Scholarship, and the Parent Support Program funds. Applicants must be enrolled, in good academic standing, and making satisfactory progress towards their degree.
  • Applicant Information

  • Contact Information

  • Name Relationship
    Household member 1
    Household member 2
    Household member 3
    Household member 4
    Household member 5
  • Cost of Attendance

    Estimate your household expenses for the past 12 months
  • Annual Estimate $
  • Annual Estimate $
    Childcare (*please provide details below)
    Other (please specify)
  • For each child, please indicate the type of childcare expenses (i.e., CCC/CEC or private daycare/nursery tuition, babysitter or nanny, private school, public school, etc.)
  • Annual Estimate $
    Total Expenses (Household + Dependent)
  • Spouse/Partner Information

  • Dependent Information

    Please list children from youngest to oldest
  • Name Date of Birth Age
    Child 1
    Child 2
    Child 3
  • Household Income

  • Annual Amount $
    Applicant's gross annual wages/stipend
    Spouse/Partner gross annual wages/stipend
    Other Family Income (Veteran’s Benefits, Spousal Support, Child Support, Unemployment, Dividends/Interest, etc.)
  • I certify that the information reported is true, correct and complete. I agree to provide, if requested, any necessary documentation to support the application and acknowledge that my advisor may be contacted to verify satisfactory academic progress.