MPI MN - Event Submission Form
  • Please read the form instructions and submission process by copying/pasting this address into a tab of your browser:

    This form should take 10-15 minutes to complete.

    Important: The person completing this form will serve as the primary contact for event setup purposes. If the event setup should be managed by someone other than you, exit this form now.
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  • Event Basics

  • You will be asked to provide the venue name and address later in this form.
  • Zoom Meeting capacity is 100 persons; Zoom Webinar capacity (available upon request) is 300-500 persons.
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  • If yes, staff will arrive at least 1 hour prior to start time to set up registration.
  • Registration cannot be set up unless you choose “Yes” and then complete the fields on this form that collect the details required for the office to set up and open registration.
  • You will be asked to provide fees later in this form.
  • If yes, the staff will collect dietary restrictions info from registrants. These details will be included in the weekly registration reports.
  • NOTE: Not all events are contracted for on-site staff or materials support. Check with your board member before answering this question if you are unsure whether this event is covered.
  • You will be asked to provide sponsor information later in this form.
  • You will be asked to identify the Domain and clock hours for this event later in this form.
  • Registration Details

    All fields are required in order to set up registration.
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    Registration set up takes at least two business days.
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    Date pre-registration should close. Staff default is 11:59 pm, the Sunday prior to the event.

    ** If registration must closer earlier than 11:59pm, please indicate such within the "Special Registration Setup Notes for Staff" section.
  • Maximum number of registrants allowed for this event. Enter 0 for no limit. **Default is no limit.** If the room has a maximum capacity, enter that number.
  • Reports and Materials

    The MPI Minnesota Chapter office will provide the current registration count for this event every Thursday once registration opens.

    In accordance with the MPI data policy, the registration list will be imported into the committee's Google drive to protect personally identifiable information (PII).

    Staff will send an email once the report has been uploaded but the committee vice president and director are responsible for ensuring any additional volunteers have access to the reports.
  • Be sure to include the person’s name and email address
  • Pricing

    A fee option consists of the fee name as it should appear on the registration form and its corresponding fee amount. The three most common fee options for Monthly Meetings have been included as defaults. You may change, remove, or add fee options as needed. If you do not provide a complete fee option (name and amount), no registration option will be set up for that fee.

    You must provide at least one fee option (name and amount). If the event requires especially complex registration options, please complete the “Special Notes about Pricing” field below.

    The typical fee structure and timeline for Monthly Meeting fees is:
    *Early-Bird (from the time registration opens until 2 Sundays prior to the week of the event)
    *Regular (begins after early-bird closes through the Sunday prior to the week of event)
    *On-Site (walk in registrations at the event)
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    Date after which discounted early-bird fees become unavailable. (Default is to close at 11:59pm CST two Sundays prior to the event week.)
  • Regular registration usually closes the Sunday before the event date (if the event is on a Wednesday or Thursday).
  • After pre-registration closes, interested persons are provided the option to come to the event as a "walk-in".
  • If pricing for this event is complex and cannot be adequately detailed by the fee fields above, provide a clear and detailed written description of the registration and pricing options here.
  • The default message is displayed. You may alter it if desired or needed.
  • (OPTIONAL) Provide any special notes for MPI Minnesota Chapter office staff about registration setup for this event, such as meal choices, special information to be collected, session breakouts, etc.
  • Event Description

    Note: You do not need to repeat any of the details provided elsewhere on this form.
  • What is the purpose of the event? Who is speaking? Are there session objectives? This section will be used on the event page and in any promotional emails.
  • A brief, time-based agenda for the event. The traditional monthly meeting agenda is the default text.
  • Please provide the correct and complete spelling for each speaker. This would also be the place to insert their bio statement. Pictures can be uploaded below.
  • Please upload speaker and/or event images here. Staff reserve the right to adjust the image(s) for web publishing.
  • Please provide the EIC domain information and number of CE units provided. An example is provided as the default.
  • Venue Information

  • Please provide the correct and complete name of the venue and their street address.
  • Please insert the venue's website address.
  • Staff reserve the right to adjust the image(s) for web publishing.
  • Please attach the co-signed contract with the Venue (may be their sponsorship agreement).
  • Sponsor Information

  • For each event sponsor, provide the sponsor’s name, web address, and level (example: ABC Company,, silver level). Provide the information exactly as it should be published.
  • You may provide more than one logo file. Click Browse and select images until you have selected all of the logos you wish to upload. Accepted graphic file formats (in order of preference) include EPS, PDF, TIF, JPG, PNG, and GIF.
    Graphics should be in high resolution (at least 300dpi).
  • After you submit this form, you will receive an email confirmation and it will be emailed to the Chapter office.

    Your email will include instruction to send it onto your committee Vice President and Director for approval. PLEASE NOTE: Your event will not be published without approval from your committee Vice President or Director.