SUMMERFOLK44 - 2019 Volunteer Application (R)
Please Note: Purchasing or holding a GBFS Membership does not guarantee you a place on a crew - to volunteer on a crew, your position must be confirmed by the Crew Chief.
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  • Please contact the Georgian Bay Folk Society (GBFS) if your address, phone number(s) or email changes. Failure to do so may result in the GBFS being unable to contact you for assignment to a crew
  • If so, please provide name of Crew and Crew Chief.
  • If you have NOT been confirmed on a crew, you will be assigned to one where possible. Please indicate your preferences below.
  • All GBFS volunteers must read and abide by the GBFS Persons with Disabilities Customer Service Policy. Please copy and paste the link above into your browser to review the documents. Printed copies are available at the office.
  • It is a policy of the GBFS that all volunteers are registered with the Georgian Bay Folk Society.

    Thank you for completing this form. All information will be kept confidential and is for the sole purpose of the GBFS.
    In consideration of completing and submitting this on-line form, I hereby release the Georgian Bay Folk Society from any injury or loss of property resulting in my participation in the 2019 Summerfolk Music & Crafts Festival or any other GBFS event.
    I also acknowledge that I have read and understand the attached volunteer policies and will adhere to those policies.

    If you require confirmation of your hours of volunteer service from the GBFS, you must notify the office prior to the event.
  • For applicants under 18 years, parental authorization is required. (see restrictions)