Annual Waterway Guardian Awards
Presented by the Virginia Eastern Shorekeeper

Nomination Form

General Info – The purpose of the Waterway Guardian Awards is to recognize groups, agencies, and individuals who have made significant contributions toward clean water on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. This is intentionally broad, and covers a lot of possible actions, programs, or initiatives that a nominee may have taken or developed. There are three award categories:

1. Citizen Guardianship Awards
Eligibility: Private citizens and/or non-governmental organizations or groups.
2. Public Trust Guardianship Awards
Eligibility: Government agencies and/or elected or appointed government officials.
3. Business Guardianship Awards
Eligibility: Commercial entities doing business on the Eastern Shore of Virginia.

Nominees must live in or work on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. Recipients will be selected by the Directors of the Virginia Eastern Shorekeeper, and presented with their award at the Shorekeeper’s annual Clamboree. This form is available on our website,

In your Explanation, please tell us the following:
a. why the nominee should be a candidate for the Waterway Guardian Award;
b. what they have done to positively impact local water resources;
c. what has resulted from their work or what the significance of their work has been or will be in the future.
Use as much space as you need, and include a separate sheet if necessary. Thank you.
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