TAMIU Mobile Move Out Form
In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, residents now have the option to move-out of on-campus housing should they so desire. In order to maintain appropriate social distancing through the move-out process, we ask that you complete this mobile move-out form and follow the process outlined herein as opposed to coming to the office to complete our standard move-out process.

Step 1
Pack all your belongings and move-out no later than April 1, 2020.

Step 2
Complete this Mobile Move Out Form.

Step 3
Drop your keys off in the designated box/bucket at the office. Key envelopes will be provided at the drop-off station. There is no need to interact with staff or sign any paperwork at the office.

We want to take a moment to say thank you to all of our valued residents and their families. We realize this is an uncertain time for everyone, and we appreciate your understanding through this trying time. We wish you and yours the best and hope to see you back in the fall semester.
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  • I Acknowledge
    I understand that given the current situation administrative inspections are not being offered, but that I may be charged for egregious damages/cleaning needs as noted once management completes an inspection of my unit.
    I understand that I will no longer have any right to occupy either the bed space or the unit as defined by my lease.
    I understand that if no one claims responsibility, damages found in the common areas of my unit may be charged to all roommates. If the common areas are not left clean I understand that cleaning charges may be charged to all roommates.
    I have removed all of my belongings from the unit.
    I understand that a charge will be placed on my housing account if I do not return my electronic key fobs and/or hard keys at the time of move-out.
    I understand that if a balance remains on my account after moving out, that a hold will be placed on my University account.
    I understand it is my responsibility to complete a change of address with USPS and that my mail may be returned to sender effective the date of my move-out.
  • Please list any damages in the unit, especially the common area, for which you take full responsibility. Common area damages are billed back split among all roommates if nobody claims responsibility.
  • By signing, I acknowledge that all of the above information is accurate.