Safety Best Practice Submission Form
It requires the commitment of management and craft workers to promote safe work behavior. WTCABC is dedicated to helping our members operate the safest job sites possible.

Please use the form below to submit YOUR company's Safety Best Practices so that other ABC Members can implement them at their companies, too! These practices contribute to the future success of our association as a whole. These Best Practices will be posted on WTCABC's website at, as a free resource to all ABC members AND may be submitted to ABC National as a National Best Practice.

An award will be given out at the 2018 Excellence in Construction Awards Ceremony to the top Safety Best Practice in each category.

If you have any questions, please contact Director of Education, Amber Harris at
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  • Best Practice Information

  • Detailed and thorough description of practice- duration, date/time, supplies needed, etc.
  • Purpose, Challenges, Solutions- How did the overall outcome achieve excellence?
  • Is this a new or innovative idea? How so?
  • The undersigned individual hereby grants Associated Builders and Contractors a non-exclusive license regarding any supplemental materials and information submitted by applicant in support of its entry to ABC's Safety Best Practices. This license grants ABC an unlimited right to use, reproduce, crop, resize, publicly display, distribute, and transmit electronically including on the internet, my materials in connection with the competition including but not limited to the promotion of the best practices and the announcement and promotion of any awards, without payment of any royalty or license fee by or from ABC or applicant or agent or other representative of ABC or applicant.