Placenta Encapsulation Agreement
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    Once you complete this form please give us up to 48 hours to confirm receipt and send your invoice. If you haven't heard from us after that time, please contact us directly.
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  • Placenta encapsulation is the process of preparing the mother’s placenta after the birth of her baby(ies) (by separating the membranes and umbilical cord from the placenta and rinsing and draining maternal and fetal blood) and dehydrating it to then be ground and placed into capsules for the mother to ingest as she sees fit. The ingestion of the placenta is known as “placentophagy.”

    The purpose of placentophagy by the mother is to reintroduce the beneficial vitamins, minerals, hormones, proteins, and other nutrients to her body following labour and birth to help restore a more balanced body function, prevent “baby blues” and the more serious postpartum depression, increase breast-milk production, shorten healing time, increase maternal energy levels, and provide an over-all feeling of wellness to aid in the transition between pregnancy and the early
    postpartum period in the woman who has just given birth.

  • Limitations and Disclaimer

    We, at MBMBS are not licensed medical professionals and therefore are not able to diagnose, treat or prescribe for any health condition. Services and fees are for the preparation and encapsulation of your placenta, not for the sale of the pills. No specific benefits or effects are promised. Any benefits will vary from person to person. Some of the ascribed benefits of placenta consumption are supported by research; however these benefits have not been evaluated or approved by Health Canada. It is your responsibility to determine whether using placenta preparations may be of benefit to you.

    Always speak to your care provider regarding any questions about your health, safety and wellbeing. Placenta services are not meant to be a replacement for medical advice or prescription medicines. If you are experiencing symptoms of postpartum depression, low milk supply, or other medical concerns please speak to your midwife or doctor.
  • Client Responsibility

    It is the client’s responsibility to notify MBMBS as soon after the birth as possible (preferably the same-day as the birth itself) to request pick-up or receipt of the placenta(s) by MBMBS at the location previously agreed upon by both parties.

    Failure to do so may result in delayed placenta preparation and encapsulation and may cause decreased potency of nutrients, hormones, and other beneficial attributes of the placenta(s), and even spoilage of the placenta(s) which would render it unusable for encapsulation.

    It is also the client’s responsibility to discuss release of her placenta(s) after her birth from the establishment where she delivers and to ensure proper storage of her placenta(s) in a refrigerator or cooler with the placenta(s) placed on ice until it can be picked up or delivered to MBMBS for preparation and encapsulation.

    Your placenta must not be treated with alcohol, formalin, or any other preservative.

    If you need assistance with this, please contact us.

  • Storage and Transportation

    Your placenta may be kept at room temperature for 3-4 hours. After that it should be refrigerated or otherwise kept cool. If delayed cord cutting or lotus birth is being practiced, ice packs can be wrapped around the placenta to prevent spoilage. If it is going to be more than 3 or 4 days before the placenta can be prepared it should be frozen. A frozen placenta may require an extra one or two days of preparation time to allow for gentle thawing.

    Your placenta should be prepared for transport by placing it in two freezer-strength zipper storage bags, or in an airtight container like an ice cream tub or Tupperware container, and then into a cooler with icepacks or into a refrigerator.

    It is important to note that there may be circumstances under which your placenta can not be used. Significant abnormalities of the placenta may necessitate your doctor or midwife sending your placenta to Pathology for further examination. Other conditions, such as signs of infection during labour, may mean that consuming your placenta will not be beneficial to you. If in doubt we will consult with you before proceeding. It should be possible to claim your placenta after Caesarean surgery. If you are not able to obtain and use your placenta for any reason, we will return your deposit and provide you with some other ideas to support your postpartum recovery.

    Please let us know if you have any health concerns which may affect the health of your placenta or the health and safety of anyone who may come into contact with your placenta.
  • Service Description

    There are two main methods of placenta preparation.

    The Raw method is our method of choice, and involves dehydrating the placenta from a raw state. Please allow extra time for this preparation method as it takes 24-36 hours to fully dehydrate.

    In the Traditional method the placenta is gently steamed before dehydration, loosely following the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

  • Your complete package normally also includes your capsules and a tincture, as well as your umbilical cord dried as a keepsake, provided at no additional charge. A salve is also an option and will be included if you wish.

    The tincture is made by incorporating a small amount of your dehydrated placenta powder in strong alcohol; it may be used after your capsules are gone by placing drops in a glass of water, similar to an herbal tincture.

    The salve is a thick balm/cream made with a small amount of your dehydrated placenta infused with coconut oil, beeswax, grapeseed or sweet almond oil and an essential oil for scent. Benefits of using the salve may include:
    reduce the appearance of c-section scarring
    -reduce the appearance of stretch marks
    -heal sore or cracked nipples from breast feeding
    -reduce skin inflammation from eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis
    -reduce the appearance of aging skin eg. lines, veins, sun-spots, wrinkles
    -reduce inflammation for babies with diaper rash or eczema

    Please indicate your wishes below:
  • Preparation Arrangements

  • Fees

    Fees above include the preparation and encapsulation of the placenta, a storage container, written instructions for storage and handling, and guidelines for taking your capsules. An umbilical cord keepsake, a jar of salve, baby ointment, body butter and a tincture may also be provided.

    We request a deposit of $50 upon signing this contract, with the balance payable upon pick up of your placenta.

    Payments may be made by Interac e-Transfer (this is a secure and private payment option you can complete via your online banking), credit card, via paypal or by personal cheque. Please indicate your preference below and we will contact you you with further instructions.

  • Refunds

    In the event your placenta is unavailable to you (eg sent to Pathology and not released) or if you change your mind and choose to terminate this contract prior to releasing your placenta to us, any fees paid including the deposit* will be refunded in full.

    (* PLEASE NOTE: 4 weeks notice is required is required if you are cancelling due to personal choice, in order to receive your refund. Please understand that the purpose of the deposit is to hold your spot on our calendar. On short notice we will not likely be able to fill that spot)

    If you choose to terminate this contract after releasing your placenta to us but before any preparation has begun, we will return your placenta to you for disposal. Your $50 deposit will be retained, but any other portion of the fee you may have paid will be returned.

    There will be no refund and payment will be due in full once preparation has begun, even if you choose not to take delivery of the finished capsules.
  • Client Information

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  • Information/Photo Release

    From time to time I take photographs of placentas with distinctive features for educational purposes such as peer review, or to share with trainees. Placenta pictures are shared without any identifying information other than information that may be relevant to the situation (such as "35 weeks" or "twin placentas").
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