If you order lunch it will be delivered for when your child eats lunch.

DEADLINE TO ORDER is 8:00 AM the day you wish to eat.

We go to the field every day after lunch and will provide a 'frozen treat on a stick' to students who wish to order one...a variety of nondairy choices.

if you are a CREATIVE ARTS student who is dismissed at 2:00, 2:15 or 2:30 please do not order a popsicle - we go to the field AFTER your child is dismissed.

You may use this form to order in advance for as many days as you would like, or use it to order daily. Please use a unique form for each child.

    Please select the day(s) you would like your child to have a popsicle when we go to the field. If due to weather or scheduling we do not go to the field then we do not have popsicles and you will not be charged for that day.

    Please select the day(s) and item(s) you wish to place a lunch order for.