Insurance Protection Form

  • Now that we have arranged your trip, as your personal travel consultant and a travel professional, it is my responsibility to recommend travel insurance to protect your investment.

    You never know when you might get injured or sick before or even during your trip. I especially recommend travel insurance for all international itineraries, as we never can be sure your US Health Insurance would be accepted in another country.

    We certainly all hope there's no need for this coverage, but it's really great when you need it. So take a look and make a decision. It is usually no more than 10% of your entire trip cost. If it exceeds 10% and you have elected to purchase it, I will contact you with the amount before processing your purchase for travel insurance.
  • By signing below, I agree that I have been advised of the cancellation penalties for my trip purchase. I acknowledge receipt of the Vacation Protection information.

    I understand that Vacation Protection insurance can protect me from possible loss of money due to unexpected trip cancellation/interruption due to accident, illness, injury, and even more.
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