2020 Insurance Form

Those who are renting club boats do not need to fill out this form

Forms and payment must be submitted by 01-April-2020 at 6pm.

No form = No Insurance = No Racing

While insurance coverage runs annually, coverage in the boat park will only apply between 1 April and 31 September. No boats are permitted to be left in the boat park over the winter months and insurance will only apply to boats stored at private residence / storage over this period. The boat park will be let out in its entirety during the winter. This arrangement has been made to avoid a premium increase for all due to a high volume of recent claims.

    The Guernsey Rowing Club ("GRC") shall pay for up to £500 of insurance cover per rower (or cox) in each craft. Any additional insurance cover required, over and above that arranged by the Club, shall be charged to the owner(s) at the rate of 2.35% of the additional sum to be insured.

    The Committee shall vet all claims for damage to boats. The Committee’s decision is final.

    * Your boat will not be insured if your registration form for a new boat is not received.
    * You will not be eligible to enter any club races if your boat is not insured.
    * Anyone participating in club races must be a member of the GRC.


    1) BOATS for
    * damage at sea including when towed by guardboats
    * damage on land when towed by vehicles
    * theft/damage when in the Boathouse or securely tied up e.g outside the Boathouse, in St Peter Port or at home.

    * oars
    * seats
    * compass
    * trailer
    * life jackets

    Equipment is covered only if listed separately on the policy and kept in a locked building when not in use.

    There is a £500 policy excess on claims involving towing on water by other craft, or damage caused by coming off the roof of a vehicle due to failure of the straps/lines. The standard claim excess is £250.

    There is a standard excess per claim for oars at £100.00.

    2) THIRD PARTY LIABILITY cover of £2 million is funded under a separate policy by the GRC.

    The policy specifically extends this cover to claims by one member against another even though we are all insured under the same policy.

    Please notify a member of the committee as soon as there has been any damage to the boat or equipment, showing them the damage done. All claims must be notified within 30 days of the incident otherwise the claim will be rejected by the insurers.

    Anyone wanting a copy of the Policy schedule, please ask Nicky Terry.

    I. The insurance policy does not cover third party liability for accidents when being towed. Car drivers and guardboat owners should ensure that their policy covers this.

    II. As with all insurance policies, you must behave prudently and reasonably. The easiest way of doing this is to forget that you are insured and behave as if you had to pay up personally for all damage/liability to others!

    III. In the case of hulls, there is no policy excess in the usual sense (this is not relevant to damage whilst being towed). If the claim is for more than £250, it is paid in full. Equipment is covered for total loss only and should be listed separately.

    A schedule of the insured GRC boats will be provided to the Sark to Jersey Committee, individual teams/members will not need to provide evidence of insurance separately.
  • (Issued by the GRC)
  • (Issued by the Harbour Office)
  • For new boats or boats with new owners, please upload a scanned copy of the boat's registration document as supplied by the Harbour Office.


    A hard copy may instead be posted to: Nicky Terry, Flat 3, 95 Victoria Road, St Peter Port, Guernsey GY1 1JG
  • Owner Details

  • Where there is more than one registered boat owner, only one of the registered owners need input their details.
  • Is the owner also the crew captain?
  • Crew Captain Details

    This information must be input where the crew captain is NOT the owner of the boat.
  • Insurance Cover Required

    All amounts in GBP

    You are advised to ensure you have adequate cover for all potential incidents.

    If you do not want to pay an additional premium, please apportion the total cover provided by the club between the items you wish to cover.

    Once you have input the cover required for each item please calculate the cost of this insurance at £2.35 per £100 and input the cost alongside. For example, if the additional cover required is for a £2,000 hull, the calculation is £2,000 divided by £100 x £2.35 = £47.

    (The "Hull" amount has been input as an example - please change the cover and cost amounts as required).
  • £
  • £ .
  • £
    Input total value of ALL oars
  • £ .
  • £
  • £ .
  • £
  • £ .
  • £
  • £ .
  • £
  • £ .
  • Insurance cover provided by the club

    @ £2.35 per £100
  • £
  • £ .
  • £
  • £ .
  • £
  • £ .