2013 US Youth Soccer Young Referee of the Year
Nomination Form
  • Requirements to apply:

    An individual may be nominated and selected as the Young Female Referee of the Year or the Young Male Referee of the Year for extraordinary accomplishments as a young soccer referee if the individual—
    (1) was certified as a Federation referee during the seasonal year immediately prior to the seasonal year for which the individual is being nominated;
    (2) is certified or being certified as a Federation referee during the seasonal year for which the individual is being nominated;
    (3) during those two seasonal years, refereed games primarily for US Youth Soccer, a region, a State Association, or a member or team of any of those organizations; and
    (4) did not reach 19 years of age prior to that August 1 immediately before the beginning of the seasonal year for which the individual is being nominated.
  • Complete home address and phone numbers are required. Please TYPE or PRINT LEGIBLY.
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  • Criteria:

    Responses to each of the following three criterions should be kept to a maximum of 400 words and attached on a separate sheet.
  • 1) Personal Development:

    How and when did the nominated referee get involved with soccer? How has the referees involvement with soccer shaped his/her character? Does the referee display moral and ethical behavior on and off the field? What steps has the nominee taken to improve upon his or her referee knowledge of the game?
  • 2) Promoting the game:

    What steps has the referee taken to further advance the game and all who participate? Does the referee participate in soccer ouside his or her position as a referee (i.e. player, coach, or volunteer)? Has the referee created relationships wtihin the community to promtoe the game? Be specific.
  • 3) Involvement in Community:

    Has the referee demonstrated leadership within the community? Give examples. What other activities, aside from soccer, is the referee involved in? What impact has his or her involvement had on the community?
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  • Entries for state consideration should be mailed to your State Association office. The deadline for submission is September 15, 2013.
  • Your completed nomination should invoice only the a) completed nomination form and b) supporting documents.

    No more than 3 letters of recommentation should be included. Others will be discarded. The winners of each of the 55 State Associations will be forwarded for regional nomination and possible national nomination as the 2013 US Youth Soccer Young Ref of the Year. Regional Nominees will be brought in and honored at the 2014 US Youth Soccer Awards Gala in Philadelphia, PA (January 17, 2014).
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