"Business Etiquette Newsletter"
Josy Roberts, author of 'Business Etiquette Your Questions and Answers', They're guidelines about the best way best to behave befitting great ways whilst in the business of different men and women.

Etiquette Covers most facets of social interactions, such as self-presentation, communicating, courtesy, and hospitality. Business etiquette, specifically, covers expectations from the connections involving co-workers, the organization and their customers, in addition to the business and their stakeholders.

Success In any business depends upon relationships, whether co-workers, customers, suppliers, or shareholders. When you are well-mannered and considerate in dealing with others, you produce engaging, more productive, and long-term business relationships. Therefore, it's very important to understand, not only the technical aspect of a company, but the way to run one's self in the business of the others.

This Is where company styles comes in. This workshop will introduce participants into business etiquette, in addition to provide instructions for the practice of business etiquette across different circumstances.

Clear aims are associated with understanding which the learning happens more readily and quickly.
The Aim of this Pre-Assignment would be to consider etiquette principles you're Already practicing, and scenarios where you can use increased consciousness
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