2019 Order of the Torch / Maintaining the Flame
Please submit your scrapbook here. The contact name and email will only be used if there is an issue with submission. Scrapbooks must be submitted electronically and are due May 10, 2019. Winners will be selected in June and notified in July.

If you have questions about this process or issues uploading your scrapbook, please contact Trish at the National Office at 1.800.925.7421 or trish@nationalald.org.
  • The annual report information can be found at www.nationalald.org/annualreport.
  • If your scrapbook is a file (PDF, Word, PPT), please upload your scrapbook at this link (copy and paste the link into your web browser):

  • This is to ensure the complete upload happened. If there is a page discrepancy, we will email the contact person to clarify.