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That's right - phone is no longer required for Internet. Complete the application below to drop your phone and upgrade your Internet.
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  • With simple pricing and unlimited data, JadeTV offers full control over your TV experience - 11 local channels for only $24.99 a month.
  • JadeTV can be installed in many locations throughout your home. If you would like more than 5 JadeTVs, please call us at (719) 589-5140.
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  • • I agree to a credit check which is required for service.
    • I acknowledge that if I do not pass the required credit check, a deposit is required for service.
    • I acknowledge that - if I am on Fiber - Blanca Networks will provide the first set of backup batteries. After this, I am responsible for the upkeep of batteries for as long as I have service (about $45/battery).
    • I agree to pay Blanca Networks the entirety of the installation fee prior to installation.
    • I understand that Blanca Networks bills monthly and will prorate my account based on the day that I start service.
    • I understand that all equipment used for service belongs to Blanca Networks. Any damage incurred by the equipment at the customer's location is the sole responsibility of the customer.
    • I agree to pay all charges within 10 days of issuance and to pay all reasonable costs of any collection agency (up to 50% of the outstanding bill), attorney, court or other miscellaneous fees used to collect the past due amounts.
  • Join us in conserving our waste by only printing a bill if you absolutley need one.
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