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    This is the event date displayed on your flyer, program, etc.
  • (Please be as detailed as possible, including information such as design/document dimensions, color and imagery suggestions, wording, style, etc. Please send any photos, etc. you want to include in your design in a separate email to melsdesignspace@yahoo.com or use the File Upload button below to attach to this form. Note: Photos should be of excellent quality – 300 dpi. If you checked “Other” above, please specify job type and whether you need a Digital Design or Print‐Ready Design)

    (If you have image(s) or document(s) that you want to include with your design, please attach them here or send in a separate email to melsdesignspace@yahoo.com. File size per upload cannot exceed 5 MB with a max limit of 10 MB for all combined uploads. We can accept files up to 25 MB via email. For larger file sizes, please inquire for additional assistance).).

  • Be sure you have read our Full Terms of Service (located on our web site at kingdomkreatives.com/terms) before submitting a project request.
  • When you enter your name or initials here, this serves as your digital signature (in lieu of a handwritten signature) and is legally binding.
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  • *Job ID is a combination of the form submission date and time in format MMDDYY‐0000AM. Also, Design JobIDs begin with “D.” So if this form was submitted on 5/1/13 at 3:30 PM, the JobID would be D050113‐0330PM.
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