FIRST LEGO League TT Registration
  • Recruit up to 10 interested team members ages 9 to 16. Team members must not exceed the maximum age on January 1 of the year the Challenge is released. Students can only be on one team, but a Coach is allowed to coach multiple teams.
  • Team Information

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  • Registration

    Team Registration with LEGO MINDSTORMS Kits: $5,128.80 TTD
    Team Registration without LEGO MINDSTORMS Kits: $1,500.00 TTD

    Included in registration are one FIRST LEGO League Challenge set (the practice field for your robot, including an exclusive selection of LEGO bricks, dual lock fasteners, and a roll-out field mat); a LEGO MINDSTORMS set to build your robot; FIRST LEGO League training.

    If your team already owns a LEGO MINDSTORM kit, you are not required to purchase another.

    Not included in registration is the field table. Please contact NIHERST for the field setup guide.

    Membership expires at the end of each FIRST LEGO League season. The Challenge Set changes with the new Challenge every season.

    Parent/Guardian of Participant agrees that the participant shall comply with all instructions, guidelines, rules, procedures and requests by NIHERST, its employees and NIHERST First LEGO League officials and agents for the safety, management and operation of the NIHERST First LEGO League.

    NIHERST reserves the right to suspend or expel, without any liability or refund of NIHERST First LEGO League fees, any participant from the NIHERST First LEGO League for failure to comply with any instruction, guidelines, rules, procedures or request of NIHERST or its employees and NIHERST First LEGO League officials/agents or for any misbehaviour.

    Parent/Guardian of Participants understands that NIHERST has arranged for the video-recording and photographs to be taken of the NIHERST First LEGO League in action and agrees that the image and participation of the participant in the NIHERST First LEGO League, including any project the participant may be engaged in, may be recorded, filmed and used by NIHERST for educational and promotional use.

    Parent/Guardian of Participant hereby waives any claims against NIHERST, its employees, NIHERST First LEGO League officials or any other entity associated with NIHERST in the management and operation of the NIHERST First LEGO League for any injury, damage or loss whatsoever, except where such injury, damage or loss is caused by wilful misconduct of an employee of NIHERST or a NIHERST First LEGO League official engaged by NIHERST.

    Tel: 642-6112 Ext. 0 (Althea Gonzales) |663-6130 Ext. 0 (Ginelle Cox)