Application for borrowing privileges at the Library at Wesley Theological Seminary

For more information about Special Researcher status, contact the Library (library@wesleyseminary.edu) or read the Library handbook at www.wesleyseminary.edu/library.

YOU DO NOT NEED TO APPLY for privileges using this form if:

1. You are affiliated with American University. Simply visit the Library with a valid AU identification card to register for an account at Wesley.

2. You are affiliated with a member of the Washington Theological Consortium. Bring the WTC borrowing privileges form authorized by your library in order to register for an account at Wesley.

3. You are affiliated with an institution that is a member of the ATLA Reciprocal Borrowing Program. Please provide verification of current enrollment at your institution, either through (a) a current school ID card (with verification of the current term); (b) material from your institution, such as a receipt or registration statement; or (c) an email from your institution's library confirming your current student status.
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