By filling this form out, the (FOSTER HOME) agrees to all Statements, Check Boxes, Terms & Conditions below.
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  • Foster to Own a German Shepherd

  • Please see invoice for name of dog if filled in before go home date.
  • If there is a tattoo, micro chip or colar colour when they were born, enter here. If you don't know, just type not sure. We will attach identification to the final invoice. Or vet records.
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  • Mother of Dog or Puppy
  • Father of Dog or Puppy
  • eg: Litter F. If you do not know, leave blank
  • If any legal problems and for any and all court related issues. it has to be within the Court system of breeders jurisdiction, not the town of foster parents.
  • Type I Agree, or I do not Agree
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    This is the fee for the foster to own program. Before taxes.
  • The Foster Home

    By reading and filling this form out, The Foster Home on this contract automatically understands and agrees to everything on this form when they press submit on the bottom of the page and typing I agree where needed.
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