Volunteer Application (Non-Coaching)
The success of Westchase Soccer is dependent on a team of dedicated volunteers who devote their time and effort to make each season an enjoyable experience for participants and their families. The WSA Board of Directors are volunteers. The coaches, referees and registration team are all volunteers.

Please help make this season a better experience for your child by volunteering to help with the tasks below:
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  • Below is a list of non-coaching tasks (if you prefer to volunteer to coach, please visit the Coaches' Corner for an application).

  • Registration volunteers are needed to assist with administration and the room set up/break down. Tasks may include making copies of birth certificates, recruiting coaches, distributing forms, etc.
    Estimated Volunteer Time: 3 hours
  • Assistance is needed to contact coaches for information to meet critical deadlines. For example, if we don't have enough volunteers who complete the Hillsborough County mandatory coach certification by the deadline, WSA will have to reduce enrollment. This means WSA will have to remove children from some programs and issue refunds. This may involve short lead times when assistance is needed surrounding deadlines but this is something you may perform in the comfort of your home.
    Estimated Volunteer Time: 1 hour (more or less, based on volunteers available to share workload)
  • Assistance is needed to edit photos in preparation for creating the coaches' badges each season. If you have photo-editing software (e.g. Photoshop), this is a task you may perform in the comfort of your home. This task must be completed at least one week before the Coaches' Meeting.
    Estimated Volunteer Time: 1 hour (more or less, based on your expertise and software)
  • Referees are needed for the Under 7, Under 8, Under 10 and Under 12 games every week. NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED! Volunteers will be provided with the laws of the game for each age group (and training if required), as well as a referee jersey and equipment. If you have played soccer or are familiar with the laws of the game, but don't have the time to coach, this is a great way to get involved. Experience not required but knowledge of the FIFA laws of the game is required to be a Ref for U10 - U14 games. U10-U14 Assistant Refs must know or be familiar with the FIFA offside law. The center referee can provide additional direction and training for Assistant Referees.
    Estimated Volunteer Time: 1 hour per week
  • U7 - U12 games are held at Glencliff Park. Games will be held on Saturdays and there will be eight weeks of games. U14 games may be held on Friday evenings.
  • U7 - U12 games are held at Glencliff Park. Games will be held on Saturdays and there will be eight weeks of games.
  • Assistance is needed to check/repair the goals, set up/remove the nets, etc. If you are handy with tools, we need help!
    Estimated Volunteer Time: 1-2 hours per season (may be less depending on number of volunteers available)
  • Every Thursday or Friday during the season, the fields need to be marked. We provide the equipment, you provide the effort. Using a paint machine, all you have to do is trace over the existing lines. If you can push a lawn mower or stroller in a straight line, you can do this.
    Estimated volunteer time: 1 hour per week.
  • There are various tasks that come up throughout the season such as making phone calls to recruit coaches, organizing, distributing or collecting equipment, distributing information, calling parents for missing information, etc.
    Estimated Volunteer Time: Varies according to task.
  • On the final day of the MiniWee and the U5-U14 programs, assistance is needed to collect coach/assistant badges and league equipment on the final Saturday of each program.
    Estimated Volunteer Time: Approx. 2 hours for MiniWee and 3+ hours for U5-U14.
  • Please tell us how your specific skill(s) may be beneficial to the operation of the league (e.g. field equipment maintenance, technical skills, etc.) and you would like to VOLUNTEER your services.
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