UCHU-AA 90 Day Attendance Cards 1st/2nd Semester
2017-2018 Homeschool Year

Please complete the following form to indicate the date you have completed your 90 day homeschooling attendance for 1st semester AND/OR 2nd semester

***Please note that sick days, vacation or general absences CAN NOT be part of your 90 or 180 days of homeschooling. Each student must have 180 days of actual homeschooling according to Option 3 law.
  • Please indicate which Attendance Card you are completing.

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  • Please complete information for which attendance card you are completing. If 90 day attendance card for 1st semester complete that information. Of if 90 day attendance card for 2nd semester complete that information.

  • Thank you!

    Serving You and Yours,
    Angela Perry, UCHU-AA Director/Administrator
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