2024 PYMT On EXIST Reservation (New Credit Card)
  • LS Travel Agency Payment Authorization Terms & Coinditions:

    As Primary Traveler On Reservation and on behalf of all guests on reservation: I understand this is a disclosure of business practices and permissive credit/debit card payment agreement for the purchase of travel services. I agree that payments may be made direct to selected travel suppliers on my behalf by LS Travel Agency; paid in prorated amounts not to exceed the sum total of approved charges. I understand Debit Cards often impose “Daily Charge Limits” and multiple payments may be needed to complete the full balance due; for which you will be notified if the situation occurs.

    FEES: I am aware there are potential Cancellation, Refund and Surcharge Policies and Fees by suppliers; I understand it is my responsibility to read and abide by the policies, terms and conditions as posted on supplier documents and agree not to dispute or chargeback any of the above signed for and acknowledge charges without proper course of action.

    LS Travel Agency will not release personal information to ANY parties not listed below, unless provided in writing as an Emergency Contact and will apply due diligence in maintaining records in a secured, safe location.

  • Making A Payment On My Existing Reservation: You, authorize Lisa Streater of LS Travel Agency to make a payment on your existing reservation using a New Credit Card other than the credit card used for deposit and/or payments previously.

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  • Credit Card Holder Required Information:
  • (Exactly as it appears on credit card)
  • As it appears on CC. Type N/A if it doesn't apply
  • Protected in vault Data collected via fields that have our security seal are encrypted and stored with the highest global security standard — PCI compliance. Your data is absolutely safe in Vault.
  • As it appears on credit card statement

  • $ .
  • Please be as detailed as possible.

    As named Cardholder, I authorize Lisa Streater at LS Travel Agency to immediately charge my credit card the above amount including any additional payments required, as needed to complete the reserved Travel Package account for the primary travelers listed above.

    I will authorize by Email, all future payments due towards Total Package cost, to be charged to the above credit card with the same terms as disclosed. I may opt to use a different credit card simply by submitting a new authorization form.
  • Use your "mouse" to sign your name.
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  • For receipt confirmation and any other documents reference your trip.
  • Lisa Streater ~ LS Travel Agency
    Email: lstravels@yahoo.com