County Chair Application
Thank you for your interest in helping grow the Libertarian Party of Texas! County Chairs are fundamental to our grassroots effort to promote liberty throughout our home state.

Before proceeding, review the LPTexas County Affiliates page:

If your county is already affiliated, do not proceed with this application, and instead contact your local affiliate for information on getting involved locally. If your county is unaffiliated, you may continue with this application to be considered for appointment as County Chair of a new provisional affiliate. Once your application is received and reviewed, you will be contacted about the next steps, which may include an invitation to interviews for the appointment.

Becoming a County Chair is a serious commitment and carries many requirements and responsibilities. Before completing this application, please read the County Chair FAQ:

Lastly, you are encouraged to completely read the LPTexas Platform (, which County Chairs are expected to represent. Further, it is recommended to at least become familiar with the layout of the LPTexas Bylaws (, which County Chairs are responsible for ensuring their affiliate organization follows.

When ready to apply, fill out and submit the form below!
  • Contact Information

  • Please provide your name as it appears on your Texas voter registration.
  • Optional: If different than your legal name, please share the name you preferred to be called by.
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  • County of residence where you are applying to serve as County Chair
  • Look up your SD here:
  • Please provide a cumulative number of years. Enter "0" if less than 12 months.
  • Qualifications

  • Note: A "voting year" is equivalent to a calendar year, starting January 1st. Do NOT check the "yes" box if you participated in Republican or Democratic primaries this year in Texas, or if you participated in the conventions of another non-primary party (such as the Green Party). See Texas Election Code §162 for more information.
  • Check affiliate status here:
  • Check your Texas voter registration status here:
  • Your 10-digit Voter Unique Identifier (VUID), which appears on your Texas voter registration certificate
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    Required to validate your voter registration.
  • About You

  • That is, you oppose the initiation of force to achieve political or social goals.
  • Platform of the Libertarian Party of Texas:
  • Optional. Platform of the Libertarian Party:
  • Funding members are donors at the Annual, Sustaining, or Lifetime Membership level:
  • Also known as “RONR” - short for Rules of Order, Newly Revised. See:
  • Please enter an estimated average number of hours per week you can consistently commit.
  • Please briefly tell us why you would like to become a County Chair for the Libertarian Party of Texas and anything else you think we should know about your background, experience, and qualifications.
  • Please add a short biography that would be useful in a press release if you become county chair. This will state any relevant experience that you feel would be useful to announce publicly.
  • Optional. If you have references to support your application, please list each person as:
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