Mane Creative - Website Requirements Brief
General Information
  • Do you already have a registered Domain Name for this website?
  • If you would like us to register a domain name for you, what is the domain name you would like?

    Please note: if your desired domain name is already registered by someone else (i.e. unavailable), we will advise on alternatives that are available and are a close match.
  • Do you currently have an existing website for this project (i.e. this is replacing a current website)?
  • Do you already have website hosting for this project, or do you need us to host your website for you?
  • Deep-Dive Information

  • Give as much information about your business (or you if this is for an individual's website) and what you do and/or sell.
  • What are you aiming to achieve with this website - i.e. to sell products; increase brand awareness; increase traffic to site; take online bookings; advertise product or service; establish or increase web presence, etc.?

    Also, include any ‘membership’ aspects – i.e. secure member area if required.

    Finally, try and capture website style – i.e:
    ~An individual's website (a single, splash-page website)
    ~A small static website (a simple, non-changing website)
    ~A BLOG
    ~A CMS website (a dynamic, constantly updated informational website)
    ~An online store (eCommerce website)
  • Think of who you want to target - i.e. doctors; parents; online shoppers for XYZ product/s; travellers; people interested in weight loss; teens; single people; photographers; etc.

    Give as much information as possible about your target audience. This helps us better target the style of your website.
  • Will your new website require content, images, BLOG, etc. updates once built?
  • If answered yes, please give examples of what your website would require as far as ongoing updates. Think images, text-content, BLOG updates, new information etc.

    Give as many examples as possible.
  • Approx. number of pages you believe your website will require to achieve your 'website purpose' as captured in previous section.

    If you are looking at either a Content Management System (CMS) or online store, please select the N/A option
  • Please identify what pages you feel are required to achieve your website goals - e.g: home page; about us; contact us; subscribe to our newsletter; our services; meet the team; image gallery/s; external links; product pages; privacy policy; terms and conditions; etc.

    **Ctrl + Click to Select Multiple**
  • Please specify other pages you would like on your new website - over-and-above the pages selected above.
  • If an online store (eCommerce) website is required, approx. how many products do you intend to sell?
  • Do you already have a logo for your website or do you require us to design one for you or your business?
  • If yes to logo question above, please upload logo here.
  • Do you already have images and/or text-content for your website? Please select relevant.
  • If answered 'Neither' above, do you require us to create/purchase images for your website, and/or write content for your website? Please select relevant.
  • If our quote is accepted, what is the realistic time-frame required for us to design and build your website?
  • Example Website/s

    Are there websites you've seen that you especially like the look/design/style/colours of? If so, copy & paste website address/s here.

    Please also explain what it is you like about that website in the provided section (try and be as specific as possible).
  • $
    Do you have a budget for this project? If so, please specify here (approx).
  • Please let us know how you discovered Mane Creative
  • Would you be interested in other services Mane Creative offer? Select any relevant.
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