Costume Price Quote Request Form 2024
Commissions are currently OPEN!

This form does not guarantee a commission slot in my queue!

Form will remain up for approximately one week. Commissions are NOT first come, first served.

Reference artwork is not required if you are requesting an "artistic liberty" artist-designed style costume.

30% of your budget is REQUIRED at project acceptance with the remaining balance + shipping due upon project completion (by end of 2024*). I do not give quotes - your budget is what you are willing to pay for your project and will be your price!

If you have any general questions, please feel free to email me using the information above. Please allow one week to receive a response to your request. Thank you!

*I will be considering taking on one or two additional projects with LONG TERM completion dates for early 2025 to allow for higher budgets and more time to pay - information will be at the bottom of this form
  • Twitter or Telegram username
  • General informational quotes are UNAVAILABLE at this time - pricing information is only available to those looking to place an order this round! My general pricing can be found on my "PRICES" page.
  • Please select costume type
  • What is the maximum you are willing to pay for your project? My queue is very competitive with limited availability! BASE price range information is available on my "PRICES" page.
  • "3D" style eyes are NOT AVAILABLE at this time.
    NO MOVING/TALKING JAWS at this time.
  • Hands/paws can have 4 fingers at this time, fleece or vinyl pawpads.
  • Feet are soft, cozy and plush with a custom sewn liner to be worn with socks (no shoe inside) with additional heavy duty rubber shoe soling for durable indoor/outdoor wear.
  • All projects will be finished by the end of 2024. Check any/all that apply and help me build my work schedule!
  • All projects will be finished by end of 2024, unless you specifically request a later completion date (higher budget, more time to pay, etc). I will consider accepting one or two projects to be finished EARLY 2025. **Please assume that your project will be finished LATE 2024 and be able to plan accordingly.**
  • This helps me a lot!
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