Add a Subaccount Website to My Main Account
This form should be filled out by the main account dealer after necessary agreements between subaccount and the dealer are made. (Sometimes those are the same party.)
  • About you, the main account dealer

  • - -
  • The dealercode is the number used to log into Lab 50 and myLab. Click the "Switch Account" button on the Lab 50 login screen and you will see it.
  • About your new subaccount

  • Examples: a pro photographer who uses us for fulfillment, a school, a community group, we're using this for our studio work, etc.
  • Subaccounts can use a subdomain at no additional charge.

    Alternately, you can use a custom domain. The custom domain can be a main domain (like or it can be a subdomain of a main domain (like If you want to use a custom domain, you (or subaccount holder) must own it and it will need an SSL certificate.
  • The fine print

    1. Photo Finale's service agreement is with you (the main dealer), which means that the subaccount falls under the same fee structure as your main account and you are invoiced for it along with your main account. Agreements for payments and service for your subaccount are between you and the subaccount holder, we do not bill them directly.
    2. Photo Finale's support agreement is with you, which means we support you, not the subaccount holder directly. You should be prepared to provide support for your subaccount holder (and we provide support to you). You will need to set products, prices, logos, emails, etc. Most dealers include that as part of their service to the subaccount.
    3. The subaccount is tied to the main account for fulfillment, which means orders placed on the subaccount site for your locally fulfilled products come into your Lab 50 for fulfillment. Aside from that, a subaccount is exactly like a regular NEW PF site--this means that it has all the functionality of your main website. It does not inherit anything from the main account. All pricing, products (including 3rd party produced products), emails, logos, shipping, payment...must be set up.

    We have many setup variations for subaccounts...they are used by photographers, schools, charity groups, studio proofing departments ... if you need help at any step, let us know.